What we do?

Manufacture of small and medium size single parts, spare parts and assembly groups for any branches of the machine building industry, and also for whole systems Machining of metallic and plastic parts

Special Features

Production of single parts and assembly groups to customer's drawings
Design and development operations
Industrial engineering
Prompt performance of orders and deliveries

Production Range

Machining (turning operations at CNC machines, milling machines, CNC centers, planing, slotting, grinding machines, etc.)
Thermal treatment
Coatings / surface treatment
Glass grit blasting
Erection, etc.


Facilities to Machine Following Materials

Available machines and equipment

What machines and equipment have company?

CNC lathes, universal and rotary lathes
A horizontal and a vertical center
Universal milling machines
Grinding machines (internal, external, flat surface grinding)
Slotting and honing machine
Hydraulic and eccentric presses
Welding facilities
Systems for thermal treatment and surface coating
Measuring devices, etc.