Manufacture of spare parts and assembly groups for any branches of the machine building industry.

Manufacture of food processing machines

Export to the European Union.

BRB Engineering
About us

BRB Engineering Ltd. is a company established in 1998 in Bulgaria by a professional team with more than three decades of experience in the branch.

Currently we offer a comprehensive range in the manufacture of small and medium-sized single parts, spare parts and assemblies for all branches of the machine building industry, as well as for entire systems according to customer’s drawings and designs, machining of metal and plastic parts.

  • Overall product quality improving
  • optimization of production processes and reduction of production costs;
  • manufacturing process meeting all European environmental protection requirements;
  • high reliability and product quality.

Manufacture of parts and assembly

Our specific activity includes manufacture of individual parts and assemblies to customer drawings, design/development, industrial engineering, rapid order processing and delivery.


Manufacture of machines

Manufacture of food processing machines

We design and adapt machines for the food industry to meet the specific needs of all our customers.


These are our trusted long-term partners with whom we have been cooperating for three decades.