Can be custom made depending on volume needs. Used for milk or liquid product storage. Custom made based on client needs. Can be fabricated with or without stirrers (either propeller or anchor mixer), with or without insulation. .

Storage vats are equipped with washing heads for easy cleansing and disinfection. In addition, vats can feature level index windows, upper or lower chute gates for cleansing, pipe sleeves for filling and emptying, etc. Can be designed to connect to a central cleaning system


Trailer barbecue is a relatively new product on the Bulgarian market.
It features:
  • Use of a standard trailer, fitting all the requirements of road traffic control (braking system, rear lights, auto tyres, etc.)
  • Can be designed with a wood pellet grill or a gas grill
  • Easy under grill space clean-up and air flow control
  • Side mounted device for artificial smoke flavouring
  • Gas burners and valves for use with standard propane bottles
  • Wood pellet lighter
  • Portable lid and small chimney for smoke outlet
  • Additional side surface for easy operation

Machine for filling and coating of cakes

The machine is designed for metered filling of creamy products on the cake for making cakes and final coating of the latter must top and side. The machine is designed as a universal and can be used for other purposes requiring precise dosing of creamy products in individual packages. The machine can be used in workshops for production of confectionery and other culinary products.