Milk reception unit receives and measures the incoming quantity of milk. The design of induction flow transmitter enables it to easily connect to a data archiving electronic system in the milk processing plant. A non-return valve is mounted after the induction flow transmitter to avoid milk come back and subsequent measurement errors. Custom made according to client needs and requirements.


Cheese making machines prepare, cut, and mature the curds for yellow cheese production. The vat is heat-exchanging, indirectly heated. Made of stainless steel in a double O crossed shape. Its shape provides for an excellent cutting and stirring performance, with practically no “dead zones” in the work process. Revolution speed is adjusted by means of a frequency converter.
Custom made according to client needs and requirements.


Cheese vat is manufactured in either circular or oval shape, made entirely of stainless steel, steam jacket including. It has a CIP system and washing heads. Low-pressure steam is used to heat the milk in the vat tub. Cutters and stirrers constitute a single unit. Curds are being cut into small pieces by turning cutter-stirrer unit clockwise. By turning cutter-stirrer unit counter clockwise, curds are being stirred. Revolution speed is adjusted by means of a frequency converter. Custom made according to client needs and requirements.


Press trolley is intended for whey drainage and for pressing of cheddered curds. It is suitable for use in the production of yellow cheese and different hard cheese types. Curd pressing is achieved by means of a helicoid or a pneumatically driven gear. Equipped with wheeled legs for easy operation and mobility.


Draining drum is intended for separation of curd grains from whey after curds cutting and steaming in the cheese maker in the course of yellow cheese, or other types of hard cheeses production. Drained curds are then handed over to the press trolleys. Whey, on the other hand, collects in а collecting tub from where it is pumped away for storage or extra treatment.
Performance capacity
  • Installed capacity:6,1 kW
  • Drum revolution: 20 min-1

Cheese Moulding machine

Designed to form cheese cakes of desired shapes. It provides a continuous system of cutting, steaming, draining, kneading and forming of the curds.
Indirect heating of the brine solution is achieved by means of adding steam in the  shell-tube heat-exchanger. The temperature of the brine solution is automatically controlled.
Forming and cutting of cheese cakes can be performed manually or automatically, depending on the molding device  type.
The automated forming device is controlled by means of a programmable controller. Working parts are put in motion by pneumatically driven cylinders.
The machine can be custom made based on client needs and requirements.
Type                                                               АFК500           АFК1
  • Capacity in case of cheese      500kg/h          1000kg/h cake weight of 9 kg:
  • Installed capacity:                                          1,67kW        2,90kW
  AFК2 is a part of molding unit series of capacity, reaching up to 2000 kg/h. Its main features are:
  • curds are being cut and fed into the vat by means of a belt conveyor
  • separate tub for brine solution preparation
  • automated salt dosage device
  • automated cheese cake molding device
  • lead-out of molded cheese cakes by means of a belt conveyor

Starter Vat

Starter vat is designed to produce cheese starter from clean bacterial cultures. The vat is thermo-insulated and has the following characteristics:
  • Its inner tank has a water jacket for heating and cooling. Heating of product in the tank is achieved by means of a steam disperser. Cool or ice water can be used as a cooling agent.
  • Starter vat is well equipped with a stirrer, which rotates at a rate of 40 rev per min.
  • Starter vat has a sensor for temperature reading.
  • Custom made based on client needs.


This is a machine that operates at regular intervals. Designed in a way to extract butter by means of churning cream, followed by washing, and pressing of obtained butter grains. The machine can also be used to extract whey butter by churning of whey that has already been skimmed in a separator.