Cherry Declustering Machine (Decluster)

Cherry decluster is designed to separate stalks of individual cherries in each fruit cluster prior to stemming. Capacity of the machine can vary from 1000 kg/h to 2000 kg/h. Equipment that requires higher productivity rates can also feature a blade elevator that is used to feed the fruit into the decluster.

Stalk Removing Machine

Stalk removing machine takes the stems of cherries, morellos or berries. Its capacity varies from 600 kg/h to 1000 kg/h. It is advisable cherries to be declustered by means of a cherry decluster prior to removing their stalk in order to increase overall process quality and productivity rates.

Cherry/ Morelos Grading Machine (Calibrator)

Cherry grading machine sorts cherries according to needed calibration values. In its essence, the calibrator is a drum type of device. Can be manufactured with one or two drums. Fruit is fed to the grading machine by means of a blade elevator mounted on a wash-tub for preliminary fruit washing and for separation of light impurities (leaves, stalks, etc.). Main fraction of fruit is discharged by means of a longitudinal belt conveyor positioned underneath the grading machine. Remaining fractions are lead out through laterally mounted chutes.
Prune Grading Machine (Calibrator) Follows the design principles of cherry/ sour cherry grading machines. The sole difference between the two is in the shape of calibrating holes, the prune calibrator featuring oval shaped calibrating holes. In general, the prune calibrator is fabricated to have a single drum for five different fractions. Fractions are discharged through laterally mounted chutes (no longitudinal belt conveyor).

Circular Fruit Grading Machine with Drum

Designed for circular fruit calibration. Sieves can be manufactured with different hole diameters so that easy and practical calibration can be done according to needed calibration values. Fractions number can vary up to 5. The machine is suitable for calibration of cherries, sour cherries, prunes, brier berries and other small circular fruits that do not easily bruise. Custom made based on intended usage.  

Washing Elevator

Washing elevator machine is designed for pre-washing of product and for separation of light impurities (separation of leaves, stalks, etc.). It has a wash-tub for pre-washing fruit in water. An elevator with a bladed plastic chain belt is mounted at the wash-tub opening end. Elevator belt speed is adjusted by means of a frequency converter.

Inspection conveyer with lighting

The inspection band is divided into three sectors as in the two lateral separated waste. Over the inspection band is mounted luminescent lamp. The drive of the conveyor is via gear motor. The speed of the band is adjusted by means of a frequency converter.

Conveyers and blade elevators